Instagram Affiliate Marketing: All You Need to Know in 2024

Instagram Affiliate Marketing: All You Need to Know in 2024

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With its multiple features and an audience of over 2.35 billion, Instagram is an ideal place for marketing. Whether it's influencer marketing or affiliate marketing, on Instagram both are booming and getting recognition. Moreover, it’s boosting business, contributing to its growth, and making the buying & selling process interesting for consumers as well as businesses.

Instagram affiliate marketing allows creators, individuals, and influencers to earn commission by selling products through their instagram account.

In this blog, let’s learn What’s affiliate marketing is on instagram, how to affiliate and more.

What’s Affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Instagram 360° approach of showcasing product & services in the form of images, videos, and on livestream, let users interact with the product & service properly. It also allows you to make queries, offer feedback, and share the product or service content with friends & family, for 3rd party opinion.

Affiliate marketing in Instagram is a test program launched by meta which allows creators or called affiliates to tag eligible products in their content and list in Instagram shops. It allows creators to earn commission for it when the audience buys those products.

However, instagram terminated this program on August 31 2022 but don’t worry as the platform still allows you to earn through affiliate marketing with Instagram marketplace.

How to Earn with Instagram Affiliate Marketing

1. Creator Marketplace

After ending, instagram affiliate marketing program, Instagram has allowed affiliates to move to the creator marketplace. Through the creator marketplace, eligible affiliates can connect and collaborate with brands on instagram. The creator marketplace offers tools through which creators can indicate brands and topics of interest to gain opportunities to partner on brand deals on Instagram apps. You must know, this option cannot be available to you.

Share Affiliate Links

To earn through instagram affiliate marketing, you can share affiliate links in your Instagram content including reel, feed post, images, or live broadcasts. Apart, you can also include affiliate links in instagram bio. You can recommend to your audience certain products and brands and get commission when they use your unique affiliate link to buy those products.

Unique Coupon Codes

Exclusive coupon codes also let you earn through Instagram affiliate marketing. It leverages you to collaborate with brands, get discount codes for your audience, and earn commission when they make a purchase using your exclusive coupon codes. You can share the coupon code during instagram live or through story, personnel message, feed post, and reel.

However, to do these activities, you must match the eligibility requirements for affiliate on Instagram.

How to become eligible for affiliate marketing on Instagram

1. Switch Your Account to Business or Creator

To become eligible for Instagram affiliate marketing, you need to convert your Instagram account into public. Moreover, transform it into a creator or business account.

2. Gain quality followers

The number of Followers doesn’t matter. What matters is how many quality followers you have especially for affiliate marketing. As, they’re the only audience who needs to interact with content, make purchases, and make you eligible for affiliate marketing.

3. Build a niche

Just posting random stuff won’t make you get recognition from brands. So it’s important for you to create a niche that identifies you as an authentic, trustworthy, and quality individual on instagram.

4. Create recognizable content

To get affiliate marketing projects, you need to create original , impressive, and engaging content. You’ll need to focus on sharing quality content to increase reach, engagement and conversion rate. Create an Instagram content strategy to get to the field of affiliate marketing.

5. Establish yourself as a affiliate

The most important thing with instagram affiliate marketing is that you yourself first need to label yourself as an affiliate. To do so, you can analyse whether your followers seek out your recommendations, value your opinion or not.

How to start affiliate marketing on instagram

Once you become eligible for instagram affiliate marketing, you can use this step-by-step guide to affiliate on instagram.

Step 1: Find affiliate products to share on Instagram

The first thing you need to do is to find such products and brands which are interested in affiliate marketing. Some of the best products for affiliate marketing are IT courses, beauty products, subscription plan etc. You can also pitch product-based small businesses present on instagram.

Step 2: Label affiliate products as paid partnerships

Labelling paid promotion as a paid promotion does not only make you credible in front of your audience but also creates new opportunities for you. With a paid partnership label, you also let new businesses know that you’re among recognised affiliates on instagram.

Step 3: Use your link(s) in bio

Once you get an affiliate project, share the link for buying options on instagram. Instagram bio offers a feature for you to insert clickable links. Leverage the opportunity and create sales to earn commission.

Step 4: Create a discount code story highlight

Your instagram story highlight, let the user find the major information on your instagram account instantly. If you highlight discount codes in story, it will help your audience, explore your instagram and find the codes easily while initiating their purchase.

Step 5: Record product demos

Just sharing links and discount codes won’t attract your audience. Let users know how the product is, how it works, its features, why they should buy it and more. To do so, you can record product demos to share them on your feed.

Step 6: Use hashtags to expand your reach

Hashtags are an important feature of instagram that can expand your reach. While sharing your content must put some of the relevant hashtags for reels and feed posts in captions. However, don’t enter confusing or so many hashtags as it can send a wrong message to the algorithm.

Step 7: Track performance and adjust

Tracking performance of your instagram post reach, engagement, and sales you made is important. Instagram analytics helps you get compressive data about which kinds of post work on your instagram, the kind of audience you’re reaching to and more. According to the report, you can improve and adjust your instagram affiliate marketing strategy.


Instagram affiliate marketing is the best way to earn side income, and pursue it for full time as a freelancer. However, to make a successful career in it, you need to follow a strategy, use the tips of Instagram affiliate marketing, maintain consistency and analyse the metrics to measure your growth and success.

You can take help of social media management tools to make content strategy, get an analytical report of instagram, and manage communication with brands and users.

CloudSocial is such a social media management tool which helps you with scheduling posts, get insights, track hashtags, handles multiple accounts, ideate posts and more.

To learn all about CloudSocial, you can schedule a demo. Link

FAQs Related to Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Can I do affiliate marketing on Instagram?

With a good number of followers, better content strategy, and partnering with brands, you can do affiliate marketing on instagram.

How many followers do you need for affiliate links on Instagram?

On Instagram there's not such a minimum number of followers required. However, 5000-15,000 is considered a good number of followers for affiliate links. You can also start affiliate marketing with 1000 followers.

How do I start affiliate marketing with no money on Instagram?

To start with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to

  • Choose a niche.
  • Join an affiliate program
  • Use the right keywords
  • Create relevant and engaging content.
  • Keep up with audience engagement.

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