100x Instagram Reach and Engagement: Best Hashtags for Instagram Reels

100x Instagram Reach and Engagement: Best Hashtags for Instagram Reels

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Want to play a treasure hunt game? (Well, you already are!)

Everyone putting informative and engaging content on social media is in the game of finding more audience (obviously, their attention is the real treasure). Hashtags for Instagram reels are solid cue cards that increase the chance of finding the right audience to engage with your content.

Using some of the best hashtags for Instagram reels helps you achieve the goal of being discovered by the right set of audience.

In this blog, we will discuss hashtags' power and list some trending ones for your specific niches.

How do hashtags for Instagram reels work?

We have been using hashtags for a long time but may still fail to understand their purpose and importance. Let us quickly look at what hashtags are.

Imagine you have a vast collection of your photographs and want to organise them. To do this, you start by putting travel tags on your travel images, childhood memories tags on your childhood images, and gym tags on your gym photographs.

Similarly, Instagram uses hashtags to group similar images. For example, #travel for all the images about travel and so on.

Now that you know exactly what hashtags do, it is time we understand how using them can tremendously increase reach and engagement.

What can the right Hashtags do for Instagram reels?

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1. Increased Discoverability

Hashtags help make your Instagram reels discoverable by those with similar interests. When users search or follow a hashtag, your reels with that hashtag become part of their feed even when they are not following your account.

2. Find Targeted Audience

You can target specific communities or interest groups on Instagram using relevant and niche hashtags. This allows you to reach users genuinely interested in the content you share through your reels, increasing the chances of engagement and gaining new followers.

3. Trend Participation

Using trending hashtags can increase your reach by 30-40%. Trends are the way to join conversations and connect with the broader audience. These audiences are already engaging with those trends and interact with yours actively.

How to find the conversations trending around your niche? The “Listen” feature on your social media management tool Cloudsocial tells you everything happening online for each keyword you ask for. Try the tool today!

4. Brand Exposure

Creating and consistently using a unique branded hashtag that aligns with your business or personal brand can encourage users to associate your content with that hashtag. It facilitates brand recognition and allows users to find more of your Reels by searching for that specific hashtag.

5. Community Engagement

When you use industry-specific or niche hashtags, you can connect with like-minded users, potential customers, or enthusiasts who share similar interests. This engagement can lead to increased comments, likes, and shares on your Reels, ultimately strengthening your community.

6. Analytics and Insights

By using hashtags, you can track the reach and engagement of your Reels through these analytics. This data helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy and make informed decisions on future content and hashtag selection.

7. Cross-Platform Visibility

Instagram hashtags are not limited to the Instagram platform alone. When you share your Reels to other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, the hashtags associated with your Reels can carry over. This cross-platform visibility expands your reach beyond Instagram and introduces your content to new audiences.

List of Best Hashtags for Instagram Reels

Best Hashtags for Instagram Reels

  1. #reels (514M posts)
  2. #reelsinstagram (290M posts)
  3. #reelsvideo (87M posts)
  4. #reelkarofeelkaro (74.8M posts)
  5. #reel (65.4M posts)
  6. #reelsindia (49.9M posts)
  7. #reelvideo (13.9M posts)
  8. #reelinstagram (11.5M posts)
  9. #réel (10.9M posts)
  10. #reelindia (9.9M posts)
  11. #reelitfeelit (9.2M posts)
  12. #reelit (8.5M posts )

Fashion Hashtags for Instagram Reels

  1. #fashion (1.1B posts)
  2. #fashionblogger (165M posts)
  3. #fashionista (136M posts)
  4. #fashionstyle (111M posts)
  5. #fashionable (41.2M posts)
  6. #fashiongram (38.6M posts)
  7. #fashionphotography (31.6M posts)
  8. #fashiondesigner (29.9M posts)
  9. #fashionblog (29M posts)
  10. #fashionweek (29M posts)
  11. #fashionaddict (27.3M posts)
  12. #fashionpost (22.5M posts)
  13. #fashionlover (20.1M posts)
  14. #fashionshow (14.3M posts)
  15. #fashionnova (10.7M posts)

Lifestyle hashtags for Instagram Reels

Travel Hashtags for Instagram Reels

Photography Hashtags for Instagram Reels

Fitness Hashtags for Instagram Reels

Food Hashtags for Instagram Reels

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