How to collaborate with brands on Instagram?

How to collaborate with brands on Instagram?

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Are you an influencer? Or a brand looking to collaborate with other brands on Instagram? Then this article is for you!

Instagram has emerged as a powerful platform connecting individuals and businesses on a personal level. Collaborating on Instagram with brands has become a successful strategy to increase growth and gain fresh customers.

Studies show that about 61% of people trust recommendations from influencers rather than brands.

Realising these statistics, many brands on Instagram seek great influencers and accounts to collaborate with and benefit mutually.

Now you may ask, “This sounds all exciting, but how to go about this?”

We got you covered!

Let us understand everything you need to know about collaborating with brands.

Bonus! You get 5 amazing collaboration DM templates to get replies from your favourite collaborators.

What is an Instagram Collaboration?

An Instagram collaboration is a strategic partnership between an influencer and a brand to create content that mutually benefits both parties. Brands leverage the influencer's engaged following to reach a wider audience, while influencers gain exposure, credibility, and often compensation.

For brands, these collaborations provide a direct line to engaged and receptive consumers, while influencers gain exposure, credibility, and often financial compensation.

Benefits of Collaborating with Brands

Before we tell you the process, it is worth counting some of the direct benefits that an influencer/ brand account gets by collaborating with other brands.

Benefits of collaborating with brands.png

  1. More exposure to a new set of audinece

Upon collaborating, the followers of separate accounts discover each other and expose your content to a broader audience, increasing your reach and visibility.

  1. It builds trust in people

Associating with reputable brands can enhance your credibility and authority within your niche.

  1. Chance to generate revenue

Many collaborations offer financial compensation, allowing you to turn your business account into a profitable venture.

  1. Untapped Creative Opportunities

Collaborations often push you to experiment with new content styles and concepts, fostering creativity.

  1. Bonding with a new set of like-minded individuals

Building relationships with brands can open doors to more opportunities and partnerships in the future.

Since you realise the high-value good collaborations bring to account and how it benefits both parties mutually, we are all ready to dive into learning the types of collaboration and the process to take the collaboration ahead.

Diverse Types of Collaboration

Understanding the different types of collaborations will help you choose the best approach with the brand and audience. Here are some prominent types:

Diverse types of collaboration.png

Brand-to-Brand Collaboration

In this scenario, two brands come together to co-create content. This type of collaboration amplifies the marketing efforts of both brands, showcasing mutual support and camaraderie. For instance, a sportswear brand and a healthy snack company might collaborate to promote an active lifestyle and balanced nutrition.

Influencer-to-Brand Collaboration

This is the most common type of collaboration, where influencers partner with a brand to promote their products or services. For instance, a beauty influencer might collaborate with a skincare brand to review and endorse their new product line.

Influencer-to-Influencer Collaboration

Influencers with similar target audiences collaborate to create unique content that resonates with both sets of followers. For example, a travel influencer and a food blogger might collaborate to create a travel itinerary highlighting the best local eateries.

Brand-to-Influencer Collaboration

Brands utilise influencers to showcase their products or services. For instance, a fashion brand might collaborate with a lifestyle influencer to create stylish outfits featuring their latest collection.

How to collaborate with brands on Instagram?

Stage 1: Research Phase**

For example, a travel blogger who loves to experience local cultures while travelling can best partners with @airbnb, which offers a more authentic travel experience than traditional hotels.

This collaboration not only introduced the influencer's followers to a brand that aligned with their values but also allowed the influencer to showcase their commitment to experiential travel.

Things to consider when looking for brands to collaborate

  1. Niche : Choose brands that align with your content and resonate with your audience.
  2. Targeted Audience : Collaborate with brands that cater to your audience's needs and preferences.
  3. Content Relativity : Ensure the brand's products or services seamlessly fit into your content.

Stage 2: Reaching Out Phase

Before reaching out, engage with the brand's content genuinely. Leave thoughtful comments, share their posts, and build a connection. Many brands include collaboration information in their Instagram bio or website. This can be a potential entry point for collaboration.

  • Craft a Personalized Pitch When reaching out, highlight your unique value proposition. What can you bring to the table? Be clear, concise, and creative in your pitch.

For example, a food blogger passionate about healthy cooking crafted a personalised pitch for a health food brand. In the pitch, they highlighted their love for creating nutritious recipes and explained how their approach aligned perfectly with the brand's products. The influencer's creativity and enthusiasm led to a collaboration that included recipe tutorials and ingredient spotlights.

  • Negotiate Terms Transparently

Discuss compensation, deliverables, deadlines, and expectations. Transparency is crucial to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Here are some tips for negotiating well.

  • Clearly outline your deliverables, ensuring they align with your content style and the brand's objectives in the email.
  • Be transparent about your compensation expectations, considering factors like your follower count, engagement rate, and the effort required for the collaboration.
  • Flexibility is key; be open to discussing different compensation structures, such as monetary payment, free products, affiliate commissions, or a combination.
  • Emphasise the long-term benefits of the collaboration, including the potential for increased brand exposure and positive audience engagement.
  • Throughout the negotiation process, maintain professionalism and a collaborative attitude to foster a mutually beneficial partnership that goes beyond the initial deal.

Stage 3: Content Creation Stage

Create exceptional content and stay true to your style while incorporating the brand's message. Understand their expectations clearly so that the content merges seamlessly with both accounts.

For example, a tech enthusiast collaborated with a gadget brand to showcase their latest smartphone. The influencer integrated the phone into a day-in-the-life vlog, demonstrating its features and benefits in a natural, relatable way.

By seamlessly integrating the brand's message into its content, the influencer maintained its authenticity while providing valuable insights to its audience.

Ultimately, focus on delivering what you're promised by creating high-quality, engaging content. Keep open communication and discuss changes mutually until both parties are satisfied with the content.

Stage 4: Promotional Stage

Once the content is live, promote it across your platforms. Encourage the brand to share it, too, maximising the reach.

For example, after a successful collaboration with a sustainable fashion brand, a lifestyle influencer promoted the content across their Instagram, YouTube, and blog platforms. They encouraged their followers to collaborate by sharing stories about sustainable fashion choices.

The influencer also encouraged the brand to share the content on its official channels, resulting in a wider reach and increased engagement.

Templates of DMs you can send for collaboration

Sample 1:

Hey [Brand's Name], I've been following your brand for a while and absolutely love your [specific product/service]. I have an exciting collaboration idea that would resonate with my followers and your audience. Could we connect to discuss this further? Looking forward to the possibility of working together!

Sample 2:

Hello [Brand's Name], I hope this message finds you well. I'm a passionate influencer in the [your niche] niche, and I'm genuinely impressed by your [product/service]. I'd love to explore a collaboration that brings value to both our audiences. Could we chat about this?

Sample 3:

Hi [Brand's Name], Your brand's commitment to [a specific value] aligns perfectly with my content. I envision a collaboration that showcases your [product/service] in an authentic and engaging way. Let's connect to discuss the details and potential mutual benefits.

Sample 4:

Hey [Brand's Name], I've been a fan of your brand's innovation in [industry] for some time now. I'm excited about the prospect of collaborating to create content that highlights your [product/service]. Would you be open to discussing how we can make this collaboration a reality?

Sample 5

Hello [Brand's Name], I'm reaching out because I see a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate. Your [product/service] is a perfect fit for my audience, and I have creative ideas on how we can feature it in my content. Can we connect to explore this collaboration further?

Well, collaborations are not just for profits! collaborations

Collaborating with brands on Instagram isn't just about boosting profits; it's about building meaningful relationships that contribute to the growth of both parties. You can create a win-win situation beyond monetary gains by carefully selecting your collaborations, focusing on audience alignment, and delivering outstanding content.

Use the provided templates to kickstart your collaborations and embark on a journey of creativity, authenticity, and partnership.


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