Welcome to CloudSocial: Your Ultimate Social Media Calendar.


With CloudSocial, you can streamline your social media content planning, scheduling, and publishing, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence across all your social channels.

Key Features :

  1. Centralised Content Management : Keep all your social media content organised in one central location. No more juggling between different platforms or spreadsheets. CloudSocial's Social Calendar provides a unified view of your content schedule, making it easy to plan, schedule, and manage posts across multiple channels.
  2. Audience Insights : Understand demographics and preferences. Tailor content to better engage your community.
  3. Efficient Scheduling : Plan your social media posts with CloudSocial's intuitive scheduling tools. Drag and drop posts onto the calendar, set the date and time, and let CloudSocial take care of the rest. Schedule posts weeks or even months in advance to maintain a consistent posting schedule without the daily grind.
  4. Collaborative Workflow : Collaborate seamlessly with your team members and stakeholders using CloudSocial's collaborative features. Assign tasks, review content drafts, and coordinate approvals right within the platform. Streamline your content creation process and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Visual Content Preview : Get a visual preview of your scheduled posts directly on the calendar. See how your content will appear across different social platforms and adjust as needed to optimise engagement and performance.
  6. Analytics Integration : Measure the impact of your social media efforts with integrated analytics. Track key metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversions directly within CloudSocial. Gain valuable insights into what's working and make data-driven decisions to optimise your content strategy.

To enhance your experience, we've incorporated distinct colour coding, making it effortless to differentiate between various post statuses (published, scheduled, rejected, or awaiting approval). Here's a quick guide to the colour scheme:
  1. Green : Directly published posts
  2. Red : Posts rejected by the super admin
  3. Blue : Posts awaiting approval before publication
  4. Orange : Approved and published posts on social media
  5. Grey : Resumes paused posts in the scheduled section with recurrence
  6. Purple : Pauses posts scheduled on recurrence

Sign up for CloudSocial today and experience the convenience of streamlined content planning, scheduling, and publishing.