How To Use Instagram’s Close Friends For Your Business

How To Use Instagram’s Close Friends For Your Business

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Imagine this! An exclusive circle of your most devoted followers, engaged and eager to hear from you.

This becomes a reality through the ‘close friends’ Instagram feature, allowing you to build a closer relationship with your audience. Share behind-the-scenes peeks, special promotions, and captivating content that makes them feel truly valued.

But it doesn't end there. This select group holds untapped potential for your business. They become a valuable focus group, providing invaluable feedback on your new products and services. By involving them in your decision-making process, you can refine your offerings to perfection.

Lastly, this exclusive experience creates a sense of privilege, inspiring your close friends to take action. From visiting your website to making purchases, they respond enthusiastically to your calls to action.

In this guide, we will show you how to use Instagram's close friends feature for your business. We'll walk you through setting up your close friends list, editing it, and using it to create a buzz among your followers. Get ready to take your business to new heights with this game-changing feature!

Step-by-Step Process to Set Up Instagram close friends List

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Setting up your Instagram close friends list is quite straightforward. Let's walk through each step in detail:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Profile

To begin, open your Instagram app on your smartphone. Look for a small profile icon at the bottom right of your screen – it will be your profile picture. The profile icon will appear like a person's silhouette if you don't have a profile picture. Tap on this icon to direct you to your profile page.

Step 2: Access the Options Menu

In the top right corner, you'll see three horizontal lines or dots on your profile page This is your menu button, giving you access to various options and settings. Tap this button to open a sidebar menu with different choices, like 'Settings,' 'Archive,' 'Your Activity,' and more. This menu is like your control panel, where you can manage different aspects of your Instagram account.

Step 3: Select 'close friends'

Within the sidebar menu, you'll find an option labelled 'close friends.' Tap on this option to manage your Instagram close friends list. When you tap on 'close friends,' a new page will appear, showing a list of your followers. At the top, you'll see a search bar where you can look for specific followers. This is your chance to create your Instagram close friends list, selecting the followers you want to share exclusive content with.

Step 4: Add or Remove People from Your List

On the close friends page, you can easily add or remove people from your list. Tap the 'Add' button next to their name to add someone. To remove someone, tap on the 'Remove' button. Rest assured, the people you add as your close friends will be able to see your exclusive stories, but they won't be notified when you add or remove them from the list.

Step 5: Managing Your close friends List

Once you've set up your Instagram close friends list, you can manage it anytime by following the same steps. You can add new followers to the list as you gain them or remove people at your convenience. The close friends feature is a powerful tool for targeted marketing and engagement. You can share exclusive content with this select group of followers, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

How Can Businesses Leverage Their Close Friends List?

1. Exclusive Content:

Businesses can share exclusive content with their loyal customers through their close friends list. For instance, a fashion brand can share a few sneak peaks of the latest products they’ll be launching on their website. And while their close friends list can get early bird access to the products, ordinary customers can’t avail of the same.

2. Personalized Offers and Promotions:

Personalized offers are a great tactic to keep loyal customers engaging with your brand and products constantly. Businesses can promote the latest features of their product/service to their loyal customers on their close friends list on Instagram. They can also share personalized packages per their customer's demands, thus making them feel like VIPs.

3. Market Research and Feedback:

Let's say you manage a skincare brand and are about to launch a new line of skincare products for a specific customer group. You can add these customers to your Instagram close friends list and conduct a poll to get their insightful feedback. You can collect feedback regarding your product's packaging design, scent and other aspects.

4. Driving Traffic to Your Website:

Driving Traffic to Your Website: Have you ever been part of a treasure hunt?. The thrill, the chase, and the joy of finding the hidden prizes hit on another level. Imagine creating that same buzz to your Instagram close friends.

As a business, you can create a digital scavenger hunt using your Instagram close friends list. You can drop clues that scatter your followers to various parts of your website. This way, you could increase your website traffic organically while your customers discover unique aspects of your brand.

5. Building Anticipation for Upcoming Events:

Businesses can leverage Instagram stories to share creative countdowns for upcoming events. And to keep the viewers on their toes, you could leverage compelling content revealing new details about the event each day. Additionally, you can also conduct Q&A sessions. Additionally, they can also conduct Q&A sessions.

6. Product Testing:

Tech and SaaS businesses can handpick a group of their most interactive followers and invite them to become beta testers for their product. By offering them an exclusive opportunity to experience your product before its official release, you can gather invaluable insights and feedback.

This way you can spot and rectify any potential glitches and refine the product's features. You'll be paving the way for a more seamless launch when it's time to introduce the product to the broader market. This strategy revolves around leveraging the power of Instagram's intimate sharing feature for product trial purposes.

By using Instagram's close friends list in these various ways, businesses can create a more personalized and engaging experience for their most devoted followers, leading to increased brand loyalty, word-of-mouth promotion, and, ultimately, business growth.

Tips for using Instagram's close friends list for business

If you're running a business, Instagram's 'Close Friends' feature can be your secret weapon. It's like having a VIP room where you can hang out with your most loyal fans. Here's how you can make the most of it:

tips for using instagram close friends list for business.png

  1. Create an Exclusive List: Refrain from adding every ordinary customer to your close friends' list. As a business, you must treat your loyal customers differently to make them feel special and valued. This sets an example for other customers as well.

  2. Share Relevant Content: You must ensure the content you post to your Instagram close friends' stories aligns with your customer's interests. You can boost customer experience by sharing sneak peeks, exclusive discounts and other exciting offers.

  3. Include active users: There's no point in adding people who aren't active on Instagram because they wouldn't engage with your stories or posts.

  4. Be Consistent with Posting: Regularly post content to foster a stronger connection, making your audience more likely to interact with your Instagram handle.

  5. Foster Relationships: Use the close friends list to build relationships with your audience. You can do this by responding to their comments and DMs and requesting feedback. Don't forget to show genuine interest in their opinions.

Bottom Line

It’s clear how Instagram's close friends feature can benefit businesses. It allows you to connect with your most engaged followers, share content just for them, and build stronger relationships.

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1. How do you monetize close friends on Instagram?

Monetizing your close friends list on Instagram can be done by offering exclusive content or experiences your followers are willing to pay for. This could be early product access, exclusive discounts, or premium content.

2. What do people use close friends on Instagram for?

The close friends feature on Instagram is used to share more personal or exclusive content with a select group of followers. This could be behind-the-scenes content, early product releases, or personal updates. Our service can help you strategize what content to share with your close friends.

3. How much does Instagram close friends cost?

The close friends feature on Instagram is free to use. However, if you're looking to maximize its potential for your business, investing in a social media management tool like ours can be beneficial. Visit CloudSocial to learn more about our services.

4. Can you post anything on Instagram close friends?

Yes, you can post any content that adheres to Instagram's community guidelines on your close friends list. However, to keep your audience engaged, it's best to post relevant and valuable content for them. Our team of social media specialists is available to assist you in crafting a compelling content strategy for your close friends list.

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