20 Social Media Management Tools for Businesses in 2024

20 Social Media Management Tools for Businesses in 2024

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20 Social Media Management Tools for Businesses in 2024

Social media marketing seems interesting work but only if it gets free from some repetitive work. Maybe posting on multiple social media platforms seems uninteresting or checking analytics of your posts separately takes your time. Social media tools are a solution for you.

It eliminates several social media work and organises your social media tasks.

But which tool you should select for it. As, there’re several social media management platforms designed for the businesses to help them with their social media management activities.

To help you out with the selection of best social media management tools, we have curated a list of 20 tools best suited for your business.

Read on to learn about different tools, their price, ratings, and the purpose for which they’re popular.

You must know the list is random and not in an order. Every tool mentioned is amongst the best social media management tools. But before moving to list let’s learn what social media management tools are.

What are social media management tools?

Social media management tool is a software that aids social media marketers, agencies, and businesses to manage one or more social media profiles across multiple platforms from a single dashboard.

It helps with post creation, post scheduling, publishing, monitoring, analysing, engaging and collaborating, convenient and efficient by saving time and efforts.

So, you can focus more on making a successful social strategy, drive sales for your business and automate repetitive tasks with social media management tools.

Best 20 social media management tools for businesses

1. CloudSocial


CloudSocial is one of the top choices of social media tools for digital marketers. It helps marketers execute all of their social media tasks from a single platform, no-matter for which social networks you want help with. Cloudsocial is there to help you.

For example, if you have a social media task requirement ‘of getting analysis for your recent campaign run of various platforms’ what you have to do is use all platforms’ individual analytics like Instagram analytics, Youtube analytics, and others separately. With cloudsocial, you can get it at one place.

Apart from analycis, you can also use this social media management software for post scheduling, keyword research and other purposes. It has an AI feature through which you can generate optimised content for social media.

Key Feature of CloudSocial

- Post Scheduling- Check Mentions
- Keyword Research- Get social media Insights
- Generate optimised and original content- Response for Queries
- Content Paraphrasing- Streamline Social media strategy
- Track Hashtag- Handle various social media accounts


CloudSocial has a free 1-month trial period. The subscription for social media customer service tool cloud social is 7000/- for gold and 24000/- for platinum.

Overall Ratings

Features: 5.0 Ease of use : 4.5 Support: 5.0

Note: You must take a CloudSocial demo, to use this tool effectively for your social media management.

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a widely popular social media management tool. It centralises all your social media tasks and organises it by saving your time and efforts. Its multiple features help you out with several tasks.

It has a social media scheduler and planner through which you can schedule and make a calendar for social media postings. Moreover, you can use its embedded AI feature to make it brainstorm the ideas for your captions and creative text.

You'll be amazed to know that hootsuite also has canva templates for designing. It means, with this tool you can design social posts conveniently using the same platform.

Key features of Hootsuite


Hootsuite has a 30-day free trial. The subscription for Professional Hootsuite is 1,915 per month for one user and team subscription is 7,540, per month for three users.

Overall Ratings

Features: 5.0 Ease of use : 4.5 Support: 4.8

3. Buffer


Buffer is another top-notch social media management platform for social media marketers. It’s the best alternate social media management tool especially for individual and small business enterprises.

The tools help you streamline social media tasks and drive engagement with the best social media strategy. With Buffer, you can plan your social media activities for various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Buffer also helps social media users in collaborating with businesses, and other influencers. Interestingly the tool is free to use along with its paid subscription

Key features of Buffer


Buffer is available free for the users. However, for bulk handling and access its complete features, you can take a subscription plan. Buffer essential subscription price is 500, team 1000, Agency 10,000

####Overall Ratings

Features: 4.6 Ease of use : 4.8 Support: 4.7

4. Hubspot

Hubspot is a dedicated customer relationship management tool. However, it also offers social media management software which helps you connect with followers on different social media platforms.

Hubspot allows you to publish content on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and schedule them to go live at your customised time. Apart it also offers deep analytics to help you with social media metrics.

With it you can save time while doing your social media activities and execute your social media plan without delay.

Key features of Hubspot


With Hubspot, marketing hub and enterprise plans, you get social media management software. The marketing hub plan cost 67,000 and Enterprise 2,99,000.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.8 Ease of use : 4.6 Support: 4.4

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is undoubtedly, an all-in-one social media management tool. It allows marketers to manage and execute their social media strategy efficiently and effectively.

WIth sprout social, you can work with multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other platforms from a single dashboard.

Moreover with it you can manage Google My Business and create shoppable posts on Facebook Shops and Shopify catalogues.

Key features of Sprout Social


The subscription plan of Sprout Social standard is 20, 747. Other available plans for Sprout Social are professional, advanced and enterprise.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.7 Ease of use : 4.4 Support: 4.6

6. CoSchedule

Coschedule is a great social media management tool as it does not only help you with posting but also offers the best social media calendar. You can take a look at its social media calendar with its free-plan for users.

Apart from this, it has an extensive feature to collaborate and manage a team for post creation, idea generation,event planning, tasks management etc.

You’ll be amazed to know that CoSchedule has a ReQueue feature that allows you automatically find optimal posting times and fill gaps in your social media schedule with your best posts.

Key features of CoSchedule


The basic calendar plan of CloudSocial is free. However, the tool has a subscription plan of 1584 to access all the features of social media management.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.2 Ease of use : 4.4 Support: 4.5

7. eClincher

eClincher is a top choice of social media management tool especially for those marketers who are more involved with the influencer marketing. As, it allows you to search for social influencers conveniently for barter collaboration and sponsored posts.

Moreover, it has a feature that automates the posting process with smart queue and RSS feeds features.

You must know like other social media features it also allows post schedule, analytics, message responses etc.

Key features of eClincher

- Post Scheduling- Check Mentions
- Keyword Research- Get social media Insights
- Generate optimised and original content- Response for Queries
- Content Paraphrasing- Streamline Social media strategy
- Track Hashtag- Handle various social media accounts


eClincher premium plan is priced 14, 586 that allows 24*7 support and lets you handle 20 profiles.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.8 Ease of use : 4.4 Support: 4.9

8. MavSocial

When it comes to list top social media tools, Mavsocial makes it place, because of its effective use and affordability. Its business plan lets you handle multiple clients. Moreover, with its higher plan you can handle facebook ads through this tool.

Furthermore, MavSocial is a digital library which helps you manage, use and edit social media posts. You can search the best photos for you from available millions of stock images.

MavSocial three types for subscription plan for agency and business use. It also has an enterprise plan.

Key features of MavSocial


MavSocial enterprise plan is priced 41, 591, business plan is 20,753, and pro plan is 6500.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.7 Ease of use : 4.8 Support: 4.7

9. Social Pilot

As the name suggests, socialpilot is a social management tool that makes your social media work get executed at the speed of flight. It helps you organise social media posts, analyse social media metrics and more.

Social Pilot is an easy-to-use software. All of its features are listed, making it accessible, even for the beginners.

You can use social pilot, if you’re someone who needs to manage all social media works single-handedly.

Key features of Social Pilot


The subscription plan of the Social Pilot agency with undefined users is 14,165.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.7 Ease of use : 5.0 Support: 4.9

10. ContentStudio

If you want a social media management tool that helps you with content. ContentStudio is the best option for you. Since it does not only offer features to schedule your post but also helps you with content curation.

The ContentStudio has a feature to discover, plan, publish and analyse your social media posts and take management of all content in your hand.

ContentStudio is comparatively budget-friendly and easy to use.

Key features of ContentStudio


ContentStudio has three types of plan- Starter ( 2083), Pro ( 4084), and Agency ( 8251)

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.7 Ease of use : 4.6 Support: 4.7

11. Sprinklr

When we talk about social media management platforms, Sprinklr cannot be left behind. It's a tool that eases social media work for enterprises. It’s considered an excellent social media management tool for multi-level businesses.

It allows the access of all key marketing platforms in one place and helps in tailoring campaigns and accessing its success data efficiently.

With it, you can even monitor influencers, check hashtags, do competitive analysis, and get predictions for social media campaign success.

Key features of Sprinklr


Sprinklr is available for use at 20, 721/month.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.7 Ease of use : 4.8 Support: 4.9

12. Later

Later is a social media management tool that is popular for easing the daily social media tasks. It helps in converting your followers into your customers with its Linkin features.

It is mainly used for instagram marketing however, you can also connect it with facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.

The Later is a wonderful tool for calendar creation, its drag and drop visual calendar creation facility helps you in designing your instagram feed.

Key features of Later


Later has three subscription plans- Starter ( 1387/month), Growth (2496/month) and Advanced ( 4438/month).

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.6 Ease of use : 4.4 Support: 4.7

13. Sendible

Sendible is a perfect social media management platform for agency or digital marketing service providers. With it, you can manage and run multiple social accounts of different clients.

It helps you with post scheduling, planning campaigns, monitoring social media activities, getting analytics and more.

With it you can create a customised dashboard for each project, access Canva graphics editor, do royalty-free image and YouTube search. Moreover, automate repetitive tasks.

Key features of Sendible

Sendible cost for a month with a creator plan for 1 user is 2413.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.3 Ease of use : 4.7 Support: 4.6

14. Zoho Social

Zoho Social makes social media tasks easy to handle by providing features like custom report generation, detailed analytics, and performance monitoring.

Apart from this, What makes Zoho Social a special social media tool is its integration with CRM.

The CRM feature helps digital marketers to manage and engage with potential customers, who are online on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business.

Key features of Zoho Social


Zoho Social has three monthly subscription plans- Standard (600) Professional (1,725) and Premium (2,595).

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.2 Ease of use : 4.6 Support: 4.4

15. SocialFlow

SocialFlow is a product of Piano which is basically focused on providing you with content which attracts your customer's attention.

However, it also helps you get comprehensive insights from platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can also use SocialFlow to track engagement of varied content types and recycle your old posts.

Key features of SocialFlow


SocialFlow pricing is not mentioned on its website. If you’re interested, you can get-in touch with their team.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.1 Ease of use : 4.2 Support: 4.4

16. SocialHub

SocialHub is a high-tech social media management tool, which allows you to access reach, growth, get engagement metrics, and automates your posting.

It’s the best tool when you want to evaluate your social media success and at the same time manage your social media teamwork.

Moreover, you can use SocialHub to understand and develop content strategy that works best with your social media audience.

Key features of SocialHub


SocialHub pricing is in Euro. In Indian currency the charges for professional subscription is 18304/-per user for one month. Overall Ratings

Features: 4.6 Ease of use : 4.2 Support: 4.3


Allowing you to schedule posts, get analysis, create posts with AI, SocialBee is an all-in-one social media management tool. It centralises all the social media work at one-place and allows you ample time to make strategy.

You can take the subscription of this social media tool and organise your tasks.

Like another above mentioned tool, it also works best for its users. Before taking a subscription, you can even get its 14-day free trial.

Key features of SocialBee


SocialBee offers three kinds of subscriptions. Its Pro subscription for 25 profiles managed by 3 users costs 6824/month.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.7 Ease of use : 4.4 Support: 4.6


With its extensive features, Lately is among the best social media management tools. No matter, if you’re working with blogs, videos, podcasts, or any article, AI-integration will help you with creating social-media posts quickly.

Moreover, it also allows you to organise your social media content, schedule posts, and enhance brand communication.

Lately is integrated with various social media platforms HubSpot Marketing Hub, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Salesforce, UpContent, Grammarly etc., to ease the work of social media marketers.

Key features of Lately


The Lately subscription starts with 4077/month. Overall Ratings

Features: 4.9 Ease of use : 4.7 Support: 4.4

19.Post Planner

Post Planner is worth social media tools to invest on. It saves time, cut-out various social media tasks and lets you manage multiple social media platforms. It is a social solution for small and midsize businesses.

Post Planner automates the work and claims to reduce your social media work by 80%. You can try the Post Planner for your marketing strategy.

The affordable social media management tool, Post planner offers Free-Trial and also free uses with limited features.

Key features of Post Planner


The Post Planner subscription starts with 230 /month and its business plan costs only 1600/month.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.6 Ease of use : 4.7 Support: 4.1


Crowdfire is an amazing tool which does not only allow you to manage social media but organise twitter activities. It lets you check the important articles aligning with your business to share.

Moreover, the tool keeps evolving itself to stay fresh and supports its users with their social media management.

Crowdfire helps you with content, publish, schedule, analysis, and mention features. You can use this tool if you're a small or medium level business. The tool is available for free and plans like plus, premium, and vip.

Key features of Crowdfire


The plus plan of Crowdfire is 623, premium plan is 3123, and the vip is worth 6582.

Overall Ratings

Features: 4.1 Ease of use : 4.4 Support: 4.3


Social media management includes tedious and repetitive work, to eliminate these work and tasks, you get help from any social media management tool. Above mentioned, all the tools are great. You can select the best social media management tool for you according to your task-requirements, budget, and suited features.

CloudSocial is the best social media tool that you can use, no matter if you need it for small and mid-sized business or large enterprises, its premium and gold subscription covers all your social requirements.

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