10 Most Engaging Instagram Ad Examples in 2024 For Inspiration

10 Most Engaging Instagram Ad Examples in 2024 For Inspiration

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Sheetal Singh

In this era of top-notch competition, it’s important that you pay attention to the platform where your potential customers spend most of their time online. Instagram can be such a place for your business with an active audience of over 2 million every month.

At Instagram, you can advertise your product/ services with targeted audiences to build brand awareness, attract new prospects, and earn more sales for your business. However, the platform is full of interesting and captivating paid and organic content. In such a situation how would you create such an advertisement that holds the audience's finger from scrolling and allows you to present your message?

You might need lots of research, studying about different top advertisements, and taking inspiration from great instagram ad examples. To save you time with it, in this blog, we have compiled some top Instagram advertisements along with its types for you. Let’s dive deep into it and get ideas for your instagram advertisement.

Instagram Ad Types and Examples

#1. Instagram Image Ad

Instagram image ad contains 1 single image ad in square shape with some text and one image to appeal to the audience. The image ad can be of two types- one which appears in feed and the second which appears in instagram explore section.

The instagram feed ad should in 1:1 ratio in a resolution of 1080*1080 with the primary text of around 125 characters and headline up to 40 characters. Whereas the explore ad in Instagram can be of 9:16 ratio with the primary text limit of 125 characters.

Instagram Feed Image Ad Examples : Zeptonow with crisp text and CTA

Instagram Explore Image Ad Examples: Book my show ad for the new year party of 2024 in the explore section.

#2. Instagram Carousel Ad

It’s also a type of image ad but it uses a series of images for advertisement purposes. The different image carries different text, images and messages in a story format. You can instagram carousel ads in the feed and explore section.

The instagram carousel ad can include from 2 to 10 images. Putting this kind of ad is among best practices if you want to keep users engaged for a while.

Instagram Feed Carousel Ad Example: The hiring ad from a digital advertising agency which includes two image ads.
Instagram Explore Carousel Ad Examples: This KalpShop ad with multiple images including minimal text appears in the explore section.

#3. Instagram Video Ad

Instagram video ads are the most interesting format. It allows businesses to showcase their product/service in motion. You can create a short video of 15 seconds to a long ad of 2 minutes.

The video ad can be found in the explore section, reel, stories, and in the feed. Video is the most engaging format for users, you must use it if you're a social media manager or instagram marketer.

Instagram Feed Video Ad Example: Tira beauty video ad showing how the app works by scrolling through the application.

Instagram Reel Video Ad Example: An workshop ad in reel format appealing users to join the campaign.

Instagram Explore Video Ad : ICICI video ad in explore section

Instagram Story Video Ad: ZEE 5 video story of a series to create interest among users to watch it.

#4. Instagram Story Ad

Instagram story ad is an advanced strategy of instagram marketing. Since it allows you to advertise something for a short span of time. You can do such advertisements for discounts, or information which has time boundation.

The story ad can be in 9:16 size with GIFs, text and images. If you’re creating a video story ad, it can be of maximum 2 minutes length.

Instagram Story Ad Example: Here is an example of story ad from greeks_for_greeks

Most Engaging Instagram Ads For Inspiration

#1. Comparison Ad

Zomato 360° advertisement approach of Zomaato vs Zomaito has shaken the internet. It was a video ad to which many brands collaborated as it invited users for open collaboration. The zomato has a very captivating storyline, unique collaboration approach, and highest user engagement to turn the ad into a successful marketing campaign.

#2. Abroad Study Ad on Instagram

The advertisement of University of Stringling is a video ad, using eye-catching colours, images and text. The advertisement has the capability to hold the audience's attention. This ad is great to take inspiration for colour combination, high-quality image selection and brief text.

#3. Holiday Special Ad

If you’re looking for a holiday special advertisement nothing can be better than offering discounts to your customer. You can use in your ad some coupon code, write some engaging copy and use bright colour or image associated with the festivals or vacation.

#4. Beauty & Fashion Ad

If you're a beauty and fashion brand, using high quality video ads is the most engaging approach. As it lets the audience trust the product. The ad could use some dialogue, soft background music, moving clips, and a short story.

#5. Text-Based Instagram Ad

If you want to just hold your users with some engaging text. It should be short & crisp. Like the ad of Zeptonow, which includes a 5 word text, image of the product, a catchy colour combination.

#6. Collection Ad on Instagram

If you’re looking to get inspiration for a collection, nothing can be better than e-commerce brands like Ajio, Libas, Myntra, nykaa, Purple, and Amazon. These brands track user behaviour and show them a collection of products for which they search on different e-commerce platforms and search engines.

#7. Instagram Offer Ad

If you want to advertise an offer among instagram users, you need to write your content enough smartly that your audience will get an amazed reaction. The St Botanic RS. 1 ad is such a great example of an offer ad.

#8. Contest Ad

An incredible image advertisement by sony world photography to inspire aspirants to participate in its contest is breathtaking. It includes minimal text on image with the short post copy and amazing images that you won’t resist from watching it.

#9. Branded Content Ad

When a brand collaborates with influencers for the user generated content and bids it as an advertisement called branded content ad. It’s a widely popular instagram content strategy to maximise the reach and engagement.

#10. Shopping Ad

Ads which directly influence individuals to shop are called shopping ads. It uses a CTA shop now instead of installing the app, learning more buttons etc. These kind of directly send you to the landing page, where you can purchase easily. This kind of ad generally does not include text but a capitative image, matching your desire & needs.


Instagram is a way more popular platform with a high probability that you’ll surely find your next customer. According to stats for 2023, an instagram user spent 2 hours 32 minutes scrolling the platform. And in these hours consume various content.

If you as an instagram marketer want to influence them and appear on their need to get noticed, you’ll need to target instagram ads interest.

In addition, you’ll need to be interesting enough that the user notices you and clicks you to purchase or explore your collection, resulting in successful instagram advertising.

Hope, you find your clarity and idea for your instagram ad to promote your business. If you need help with searching relevant keywords, schedule your instagram posts, analyse for feed to learn about your social media feed performance, you use Cloudsocail.

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FAQs Related to Instagram Ad Examples

#1. What should I write on Instagram ad?

The text on instagram ad should be simple and crisp. You should write only 2 to 5 words on an instagram ad.

#2. What type of ads work best on Instagram?

An instagram ad with crisp message, capitative image, and eye-catchy colours work best on instagram. Moreover, how your ads work also depends on various other factors like your targeting, bidding, and content relevance to the target audience.

#3. How much Instagram ads cost?

The instagram cost depends on bidding strategy and campaign type whether you use cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPM), cost per lead (CPL) etc. In India, typically Instagram ad costs as follows, considered affordable for even small businesses.

Instagram campaign type Instagram ad cost Instagram CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) Rs.8 - Rs.12 Instagram CPC (cost per link click) Rs. 0.48 - Rs. 2.8 Instagram CPL (cost per lead) Rs.4 - Rs.1500 Instagram CPA (cost per acquisition) Rs.45 - Rs. 2000 Instagram CPV (cost per view) Rs. 0.3 - Rs. 2 Instagram cost per event response Rs. 70 - Rs. 300 Instagram CPI (cost per install) Rs. 30 - Rs. 100

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